Our Patients Speak

*I am off my inhaler and nasal spray, we cant remember the last time we were sick!! We love Dr. Brian and Dr. Jill. ~M.P.

*Chiropractic has given me another outlook on health. Thanks to Dr.B and Dr.J for the Chiropractic education. You guys are awesome!! ~Z.M.

*After receiving chiropractic care for 4 months I am off all of my steroid asthma medications and only need my rescue inhaler occasionally. My lung function has improved from 66% to 78%!!! ~J.W.

*I came to Kachinsky Family Chiropractic with back and neck pain and after 2-3 months of care, the pain has decreased dramatically. Dr. Brian and Dr. Jill generally make me happy! ~M.R.

*I came in for Back Pain and got GREAT results, but while under care my Blood Pressure normalized and I was able to come off of my medication after many years being on it… I love the friendly atmosphere and the way they accept me as if I am part of the Family!! ~B.H.

*The doctors are great, they really care about my entire family. They make coming into the office fun while at the same time they are focused on getting our body to function normally! ~J.N.

*Since coming to Kachinsky Family Chiropractic my 5yr old grandson has not been sick, when before coming in he was sick frequently. ~S.C.

*My 11-year-old daughter's teacher told me she has really noticed a change in her allergies and her general health… When she asked me what we have been doing I told her we were going to a chiropractor and we loved it. Our entire family is under care. ~K.U.

*I had been having fainting spells, and spikes of blood pressure and now my blood pressure has gone down 10 points and continues to go down. The stress level of my neck and back has decreased and I have fewer flare-ups. I know I am healing, and healing healthy. I think because my spine is aligned correctly that helps my body flow normally like God intended and my body is able to heal itself. I actually feel a calming flow go down from my head to my feet every time I am adjusted!! ~V.L.