Meet the Doctors


Dr. Jill was suffering from migraine headaches for many years until a friend convinced her to go see his doctor. She finally agreed and went to the doctor who was a chiropractor, and she had great results, she was migraine free and has not had another migraine since. She decided to go to chiropractic school and graduated Cum Laude from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa. She has attended many post graduate seminars to keep current in the latest Chiropractic developments. She is certified in the Webster technique which is used in many pregnant patients.


Dr. Brian was working as a Firefighter/Paramedic and got injured, after physical therapy he was told he would have to “live with the pain” and they gave him prescription medications which he could not take while working to save peoples lives. He thought there had to be another way, and then a fellow firefighter told him to go see her chiropractor so he went. Within 6 adjustments he was free from pain and could go about his daily routine without pain. After learning about the philosophy of chiropractic he decided to go to chiropractic school. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta Georgia. Prior to becoming a chiropractor Dr. Brian was also a registered nurse in the Cardiac/Emergency departments. He is well versed in the latest chiropractic techniques as well as emergency procedures. Dr Brian recently had an article published in the Journal of Maternal, Pediatric and Family Health on the benefits of Chiropractic care in a child with Neurofibromatosis and Asthma.

Both Dr. Brian and Dr. Jill attend quarterly philosophy seminars, as well as bi-weekly meetings to keep themselves “fresh” in the principle of chiropractic which states that the body is a self-healing organism and that healing comes from within.

They have two sons; Cameron who was born on October 12, 2009, and Logan Born January 3, 2012. Both were home births done naturally without drugs.


LAURA has been a Patient at our office since 2012. She has experience in the medical field as well as banking, Church Leadership and caregiving. She has volunteered at the Christian League for Battered Women, homeless ministry, as well as local shelters. Laura has been married for 31 years to her husband, Bob.



We look forward to being your families chiropractor helping you achieve your maximum health potential.